Organic Plant Oils

Plant oils are obtained from the first cold pressing of carefully selected seeds, flowers or fruits. This process ensures that our body care oils contain the essential elements of the plants and hence the active properties that are naturally present in them. 
Experience the difference ! 

Plant oils are 100% pure and natural and rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. They contain NO preservatives, NO added fragrance, they are not tested on animals.
Finally you have one oil for several uses (face, body, hair). 
Quick and simple to use !

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Organic Macadamia Oil
Organic Macadamia Oil



Organic Sesame Oil
Organic Sesame Oil

Antioxidant - For all skin types


Organic Camelina Oil
Organic Camelina Oil

Soothing - For sensitive and reactive skin


Organic Aloe Vera Oil (oily macerate)
Organic Aloe Vera Oil (oily macerate)

For dry and damaged skin - Hydrating


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